Wilderness Leadership Academy

מדרשה למנהיגות בטבע

أكاديمية القيادة البرية


The Wilderness Leadership Academy will provide programming for youth to learn leadership skills through

internationally recognized outdoor programming.


Alumni will be the founding cohort of an institute that certifies experts in conflict transformation, whose aim it is to bring about the upbuilding of a shared society to benefit all residents of our Land. ​

The certification program is a recognition of environmental education and leadership training in nature that took place at the institute and throughout the Galilee, and provides a way of action for participants who are dedicated to activism that builds a shared society.

 The model is based on learning principles about leadership in the environment, implementation of a sustainable lifestyle, and student activity that promotes change in social consciousness and behavior. Teacher training and mentors are an integral part of the Institute.


Other goals of the program

Improving the atmosphere in the environment and reducing violence

An increase in the level of academic achievement among participants

Creating an affinity between the participant and their place of residence

Reducing waste and dirt in the environment

Use of waste reduction technology

Increasing environmental awareness

Advertising and Branding of the Midrasha

Make connections with other universities around the world


The Australia Israel Friendship Forest in Shorashim is an ideal location for the Wilderness Leadership Academy.


The Jewish National Fund has done much for the building up of the State of Israel.


And yet, it is perceived internationally as a problematic organization due to the Palestinian narrative.


There exists an opportunity to transform the conflict at this beautiful location where narratives can come together and learn from each other how to take leadership for a shared future.

The Australia Israel Friendship Forest 

Additional Information

The Wilderness Leadership Academy will be a long term programming goal of the Spirit of the Galilee Association. 

Please contact Rabbi Raanan Mallek for more information about this project.

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