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Jewish Life in the Galilee

Spirit of the Galilee Regional Bnai Mitzvah Program


The Bar / Bat Mitzvah year is an important transition period in the life of every boy and girl, where they pass from childhood to adolescence on their way to adulthood. The changes are expressed on a physical, mental, mental and social level, and this is a significant stage in the lives and lives of all those around them, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

According to Jewish tradition, it is customary to mark this transition with a Bar / Bat Mitzvah ceremony. 



It is important that the process of preparation for the ceremony and the ceremony itself constitute a formative and meaningful experience for the student and for the family. Equally important, it is important that the preparation and ceremony process take place from a Jewish perspective that is ethically and culturally adapted to the family's worldview. 

Rabbi Or Zohar and Rabbi Raanan Malek, who lead the Spirit of the Galilee Association, are a Reform and Conservative Rabbis respectively, and have experience leading over a thousand boys and girls and their families in creating a meaningful process and professional guidance for Bar / Bat Mitzvah ceremonies.


Our goals

Holistic approach

Dialogue, sharing and responsibility

Full gender equality

Openness and flexibility

Combining the Jewish aspect with other aspects of the transition phase from childhood to girls.

Parents (and sometimes other family members) take an active part in the learning process so that the journey becomes a family journey.

Full equality between women and men: girls also ascend to the Torah, mothers, grandmothers and sisters participate in the ceremony.

Israeli jewry connected to tradition and at the same time open and adapted to a secular & traditional Israeli audience.

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