Interreligious Midrasa (Beit Midrash)

בית מדרש בין דתות 


We are a study group of representatives from all the Abrahamic religions.

Spirit of the Galilee facilitates a high level academic discourse between religions and cultures. Our target audience are those functioning as clergy who are interested in learning, teaching, praying and listening to one another while developing a contemporary spiritual language that bravely and beneficially copes with the challenges of our time in the midst of the diverse communities and audiences they serve.

Our project is based on peer learning, combined with external lecturers from time to time.  The regular meetings are currently digital, but once in a while there will also be face-to-face meetings, tours and workshops.

The Interreligious Midrasha has an annual theme - in our first year the theme is "prayer", and the participants share with their colleagues prayers and texts relevant to their tradition, stand for the common and the different and create a common spiritual language.


The Interreligious Midrasa strives to develop as a network of local clerics, which will be based on the formation of deep connections over time, and which will encourage the creation of collaborations between them and their communities and congregations.

We will document our activities in two ways:

The creation of a digital booklet of study materials that can be used for future study among sub-audiences.

Creating a documentary video that will document the process, interview the participants, and photograph them in the environment in which they live and work.  The video will make it possible to spread the vision of interreligious cooperation among even wider audiences.