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A day of study and a meeting

for leaders of musical prayer in the community

On Tuesday, 30th of May  from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m 

will be held at the Havia Center in Hararit. 


The activities and workshops of the day include :

10:30 - a gathering and light refreshments

11:00 - a musical morning with Harrit Ensemble

12:00 - a study circle, peer discussion, and introductionsby

13:00- Galilean lunch

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15:00 - A tour of Hararit and the surrounding area

16:00 - “Athanchata Galilit”, coffee and knafe

16:30 - A shared prayer circle led by Prayer Leaders

18:30 - “Sandwiches and Reflections”, a summary circle on the side of the road

13:45- Optional workshops such as:
1 - “Paima”, a drumming, rhythm, and listening workshop with Rafael Ben-Zachari

2 - “Psalms”, the singing of psalms according to the Byzantine-Christian tradition with Father Saba

3 - “On the Tip of the Tongue”, a presentation of original prayers inspired by the sources with the poet Yonatan Kunda

To receive more information and register,  please contact Mali Bar Shira 
 at or +0523-247909

Join us in joys, chants, and prayers!

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