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CoExist Music – Lights – People

מדרשה למנהיגות בטבע


Co-Exist events are a celebration of human encounter: like the spice stand in the local market, we enjoy the variety of colors, aromas, sounds and flavors in the multicultural and diverse society of our region.

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At Co-Exist meetings, local musicians, artists and cultural figures, entrepreneurs and residents from around the region come together for a cultural event that includes performances, joint activities and discussions.

Each Co-Exist event is organized by a small but determined group of activists, Jews and Arabs from the surrounding towns and villages, who recruit key people and members of their communities for the event.

In Co-Exist events there is a meaningful, inclusive, honest, and sometimes painful discourse, about that which unifies and separates, the good, the challenging, in the bitter-sweet reality of living in shared society.


Co-Exist events help to manifest a pluralistic and multicultural vision that seeks to promote a true partnership between Arabs and Jews in our region, by creating grassroots encounters and forming human relationships in the local community.

Ruach Galilit (Galilee Association for Value Education) initiates, motivates and supports Co-Exist events and the groups of activists who lead them.

The organization creates a network of that will enable this successful, simple and enjoyable model of action, promoting the growth of a shared society in the Galilee.

Co-exist meetings can take place anytime and anywhere where there is a group of activists interested in promoting an event .These groups of activists need organizational and logistical assistance, as well as resources.

Help us to help them in creating partnerships and peace making between neighbors in the Galilee region.
We wholeheartedly believe that this partnership has a profound and positive impact on the general public in our region, and beyond.

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