Spirit of the Galilee works towards the advancement of pluralism, mutual understanding and cooperation between various Jewish denominations as well as between the different cultures and religions of our local region, Arabs and Jews alike.


Spirit of the Galilee advances coexistence, connection between people and nature in the Galilee and strengthening the relationships between Israel and communities around the world.


Our projects & programs

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment


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Rabbi Or Zohar – Co-Director

Rabbi Or Zohar is a reform rabbi, teacher of Jewish spirituality and Kabbalah, and a musician.


Rabbi Raanan Mallek – Co-Director

Rabbi Raanan Mallek, M.Ed., M.A. is the Rabbi of the Shorashim Village in the Galilee and the Masorti (Conservative) Rabbi for the Misgav Municipality.




It's hard to rise above the problems of our current situation.

But we must.

It requires a lot of focus and inner strength to stay positive and productive, but it is possible!