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جمعية مسجله  لتطوير اليهوديه التعدديه، الحوار بين الأديان والتعايش

Association for the Advancement of Pluralistic Judaism, Interreligious Dialogue and Co-Existence

לקידום יהדות פלורליסטית , דיאלוג בין דתות וקיום משותף (ע"ר)

Jewish Life in the Galilee

Interreligious Dialogue

Sacred Arts

 Tourism in the Galilee

The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, one of Israel's leading non-profit NGOs, develops and implements unique and cutting-edge programs in Innovation, Sports, Cultivation of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Health, Business, and Environment.

These flagship programs serve hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries of all ages, religions, and genders, and are implemented with a network of local, regional, and international partners.

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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It's hard to rise above the problems of our current situation. But we must. It requires a lot of focus and inner strength to stay positive and productive, but it is possible!

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