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Jewish Life in the Galilee

יהדות בגליל


Spirit of the Galilee promotes pluralistic Jewish life cycle events that are open, egalitarian and flexible while respecting tradition. 

Yearly Cycle: Spirit of the Galilee works to promote activities on Shabbat and holidays.

We are happy to offer a variety of programs such as musical services, workshops and lectures for the Jewish holidays.

Spirit of the Galilee is happy to be your spiritual home for life cycle events from birth to adolescence and marriage, from conversion to end of life ceremonies. Our experienced rabbinic staff will assist you in creating meaningful programs, workshops and ceremonies.

Spirit of the Galilee Regional Bnai Mitzvah Program


The Bar / Bat Mitzvah year is an important transition period in the life of every boy and girl, where they pass from childhood to adolescence on their way to adulthood. The changes are expressed on a physical, mental, mental and social level, and this is a significant stage in the lives and lives of all those around them, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters.

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