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Sacred Arts

אמנות מקודשת


The vision of Spirit the Galilee is to position the Galilee region as a vibrant and leading center of sacred arts in the fields of music, dance, theater and plastic arts.

We strive to help artists in these fields to promote their work, to be inspired by the ancient spiritual and cultural traditions of the Galilee, to learn and teach each other, and to create fruitful collaborations.

We are interested in promoting art and creative projects from all fields that will be directed to the general public and will help promote good relations between residents of our region, Arabs and Jews alike. 

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We strive to promote collaborations between the artistic creation of Galilean artists and entrepreneurial and technological solutions in the digital age of the 21st century. 


We believe that the Galilee is not a periphery, but an important and ancient center that exports advanced culture and content from antiquity to the present day.

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